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Success Stories-Baltimore

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

CDC funded four local health departments in communities across the country to implement Dating Matters as part of a five-year demonstration project. These local health departments and their partners brought Dating Matters to 46 middle schools with more than 36,000 youth, nearly 1,000 parents, and more than 300 educators. Below you can learn about each of the communities and their successes with Dating Matters.

Baltimore has a long history of addressing violence among Baltimore’s young people through innovative public health programming and policy initiatives. Watch the video below to hear highlights about Baltimore’s experiences with the Dating Matters parent programs!

I feel like not only has it empowered me, but it made me feel comfortable with being uncomfortable…It gave me tools and conversation starters and topics that I can discuss with my kids that I might not have wanted to discuss before, but they do it in a way that helps me not to be so uncomfortable.”– Parent

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