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Adopt-Classroom City-wide event

Non-profit and for profit businesses partner to adopt a classroom anywhere in Buffalo NY! Open Registration for Non-profit, for profit businesses, Students, Parents and Teachers are October 2022

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City-wide Garage Sale

Come join us! Open Registration in June 2022 for ages 6-19 years old. 

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City-wide Recipe Exchange

Recipe exchange is a way for our city to reconnect through cultural backgrounds and FOOD. ALL ARE WELCOMED. We want to especially welcome our Homicide and Trauma overcomers and Refugee families. Open Registration July 2022


Violence Support Sessions

Youth, Families and Teachers contact HPIO 1-888-702-5556 x1 to talk to our team. We are hear for you. We provide de-escalation support, zoom meetings, conference calls, real time assistance, and customized Plans of Action, 


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Me & My Emotions is a project of The Dibble Institute created to provide young people 13+ with the skills found in the Mind Matters: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience program. This website was created by a team of senior-level students and alumni from ArtCenter College of Design working with Carolyn Curtis, PhD, the author of Mind Matters. It adapts Mind Matters into an online form to directly reach teenagers.

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2022 City-Wide Youth Fashion Showcase

Fashion designer and model showcase exemplifying the "My Come-Back" Theme. Get ready for a Life Changing Experience. Open Registration August 2022


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